SelfServePortal reveals its digital roadmap

Published On: 26 August 2016
Written By: Phil Hartley

DB Results showcases SelfServePortal and its innovative technologies at their annual Customer Function.

In today's Digital Age, DB Results is a company in the driver's seat.

With an ambition to 'enrich the lives of others', DB Results drives innovation and digital change for their customers, in turn improving their customers' businesses and enriching the lives of end consumers. At their recent annual Customer Function, they showcased the production of their digital product, SelfServePortal. This revolutionary cloud based product, SelfServePortal that "will empower Australian consumers to better manage, control and understand their electricity, water and gas usage." - Swan, D. (2016, August 30). The end of bill shock? The Australian.

SelfServePortal is a white label product for utility companies; providing the everyday utility consumer with a holistic view of their residential billing and usage history via their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Additional features will be available to allow consumers to easily pay for their utility bills on any digital device. The initial release of SelfServePortal is available to major utility companies in the Australian and North American markets from 1 October 2016.

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