Tax Customer SelfServe™ Portal

Tax and revenue collection organisations around the world are seeking to reap the benefits from transforming their organisation with digital technology.

These transformations are delivering significant operational efficiencies and an evolutionary improvement in taxpayer engagement. At the same time, these organisations are needing to acquire revenue collection platforms that are architected to respond to the ongoing change of government regulation and policy and the diversity that the digital revolution is itself bringing.

SelfServe™ Portal for Tax which allows taxpayers to digitally and conveniently engage with your organisation via Web, Mobile or Tablet.

Key Features

All forms of tax lodgement and management

Intuitive Customer friendly dashboard

Multi lingual

Secure platform

Historical transaction display

Support for multiple forms

Payment gateway integration

Support for all major browsers, tablets and smartphone devices

Rapid integration with any existing revenue collection system and out of the box integration for Oracle PSRM


SelfServe™ Portal for Tax is built and operated in the cloud to eliminate the risk and expense associated with traditional software purchases. It's quick and easy to turn on, functionally rich, easy to use and seamless to integrate. Built on the Gartner and Forrester best in class PaaS platform (OutSystems). SelfServe™ Portal for Tax does away with drawn out implementations and those hidden costs associated with custom built portals.


While the taxpayer self-manage their transactions and enquiries, in place of traditional modes, SelfServe™ Portal for Tax reduces the level of errors in tax information captured through active validation and online guides at the point of data entry. This ability to automate workflows, eliminate paper based forms and the rekeying of data will free up your staff to focus on more important activities such as customer service and tax compliance.


SelfServe™ Portal for Tax makes the taxpayer's engagement with your organisation the simple, clear and clean experience they now expect. This simplification and support on the digital channel the taxpayer chooses, significantly increases their accuracy, engagement and satisfaction while reducing your costs to serve.


SelfServe™ Portal for Tax is system agnostic, integrating effectively with your existing tax and revenue collection solution. Leveraging deep tax management expertise and best in class digital technologies, SelfServe™ Portal for Tax delivers a comprehensive, configurable self-service portal enabling you to deliver unparalleled levels of service.

Product Overview

SelfServe™ Portal for Tax has a compelling business case. In six months, you will be well on your way to recouping your initial investment in SelfServe™ Portal for Tax. Our Return on Investment models demonstrate significant savings in processing time and costs resulting in first time, efficient and effective treatment of tax lodgements, payments, returns and enquiries.

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