Utilities Customer SelfServe™ Portal

SelfServe™ Portal for Utilities is designed to give you everything you need to connect with your customers, from bill and usage history to payment and contact details, all in one place and available anytime from any device.

SelfServe™ Portal has been created to be easy to use and functionally rich. Its built in the cloud to eliminate the risk and expense associated with traditional software purchases.

SelfServe™ Portal does away with drawn-out implementations and hidden costs associated with custom built portals by providing a digital SaaS solution.


Drill down graphs allow your users to explore and understand the daily, hourly and ½ hourly usage patterns against weather and temperature data.


Key data in an easy-to-use interface ensuring that your customers stay well-informed, happy, and engaged with your service


The Goals & Targets tool empowers your customers, allowing them to set personal usage goals, and track their progress.


In six months you will be well on your way to recouping your initial investment in SelfServe™ Portal for Utilities.


Add customers/services, get automatic feature/ functionality updates


Built on world-class OutSystems platform and Hosted on Amazon Web Services


Designed to be billing agnostic, no additional hardware costs, positive ROI/TCO savings in year one


SelfServe™ provides a window into your customer system. Data remains on premise and in-country

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