SelfServePortal Ends Bill Shock for Consumers

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SelfServePortal launches a Utility portal to help consumers understand and manage their usage, easily pay their bills and access their information on any digital device.

Digital technology company, SelfServePortal, announced it is launching a digital-based solution for utility companies, that empower consumers to better manage, control and understand their electricity, water and gas usage.

The initial release of the SelfServePortal solution - a white label product for utility companies - provides the everyday utility customer with a holistic view of their residential billing and usage history via their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer; allowing them to observe patterns in usage and better forecast peak usage periods before they happen. Features allow consumers to easily pay for their utility bills on any device that is convenient.

SelfServePortal Executive Director and Co-Founder, Gavin Bunshaw said the solution provides consumers with an easier way to understand and take control of their utility bills.

"We have been servicing the Australian utilities market for over ten years now and what we have found is that consumers are increasingly seeking to make informed choices and demanding greater control over their energy usage."

"Consumers have been grappling with growing utilities bills and this solution empowers them with access to the right information, when they need it."

Mr Bunshaw added that SelfServePortal is generating significant interest from utility companies locally and overseas.

"Utility companies are being pressured to deliver a much better customer experience and at the same time, offer their customers cost effective solutions. Digital technology is a core part of their strategy to ensure they keep up with changing consumer needs and stay relevant in today's market."

"SelfServePortal enables better engage their customers and provide an exceptional customer experience."

SelfServePortal is available to major utility companies in the Australian and North American markets from 1 October 2016.

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