DB Results showcases SelfServe Portal to the US market

Published On: 24 May 2017
Written By: Marketing Team

Helping US Utilities digitally engage with their customers.

DB Results leads the way in enabling US Utilities digitally engage with their customers at CS Week in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Following recent Australian sales of its highly regarded SelfServe product, the SelfServeMe team and our US partner are showcasing the market leading SelfServe PortalTM at this influential International Utilities conference.

SelfServe PortalTM is built to enable organisations to easily and quickly digitally engage with their customer base. The Utility version of this portal provides powerful functionality including:

  • Customer friendly dashboard
  • Display bill and usage history
  • Consumption goal setting and tracking
  • Consumption comparison via Neighbourhood Watch
  • Impact clarity via outage maps
  • Live Chat for support
  • Multiple utility services
  • Multiple accounts and premises
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Customer control of registration and user profile updates
  • Multi lingual
  • Easily configurable
  • Secure platform

This cloud-based portal creates robust yet elegant customer experiences designed to enhance and strengthen Utility relationships with their customers. The products are core system agnostic, enabling it to work effectively with your existing Oracle, SAP or other back end solution.

CS Week is the premier annual customer service conference serving utility professionals across North America and around the world.

For more information on how SelfServe PortalTM can help you accelerate your digital self-service success, contact us at www.selfserveportal.com

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