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Published On: 3 May 2017
Written By: SelfServeMe

SelfServeTM Portal for Utilities is designed to give you everything you need to connect with your customers, from bill and usage history to payment and contact details, all in one place and available anytime from any device.

Features of SelfServeTM Portal for Utilities

  • Customer friendly dashboard
  • Display bill and usage history
  • Bill predictions
  • Multiple utility services
  • Multiple accounts and premises
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Direct debit
  • Customer control of registration and user profile updates
  • Multi lingual
  • Easily configurable
  • Secure platform

Benefits of SelfServeTM Portal for Utilities

SelfServeTM Portal has been created to be easy to use and functionally rich. Its built in the cloud to eliminate the risk and expense associated with traditional software purchases.

SelfServeTM Portal does away with drawn-out implementations and hidden costs associated with custom built portals by providing a digital SaaS solution with:

  • Known low monthly cost
  • Low implementation cost
  • Rapid implementation (2 months)
  • 24x7 support
  • Regular enhancements
  • Future proofed customer self-service portal

Compelling Business Case

In six months you will be well on your way to recouping your initial investment in SelfServeTM Portal for Utilities. Our Return on Investment calculator models Utility industry investment averages - load your own figures and see your savings.

SelfServeTM Portal for Utilities is billing system agnostic and works effectively with your existing Oracle, SAP or Gentrack billing solution. Leveraging deep customer management expertise and best in class digital technologies, SelfServeTM Portal for Utilities delivers a comprehensive, configurable customer self service portal to enable you to speed ahead of the competition.

Application programming interface (API)

SelfServeTM Portal for Utilities is billing system agnostic and fully configurable, allowing you to:

  • Fully integrate with Gentrack, Oracle and SAP billing systems.
  • Connect with a broad range of 3rd party APIs, including Google Maps, Weather and Smart Streets.
  • Deliver a customisable and enriched user experience.

You will have a flexible and configurable portal that meets both your business and customer needs.


The Dashboard acts as your customers main interface with SelfServeTM Portal for Utilities, providing them with access to overview information regarding their account. This includes:

  • Notifications for outstanding bills and planned outages.
  • Current consumption data.
  • Historical payment and consumption graphs.

All displayed within a convenient, easy-to-use interface ensuring that your customers stay well-informed, happy, and engaged with your service.

Goals & Targets

The Goals & Targets tool allows your customers to set personal usage goals, and track their progress. It features:

  • A circular progress bar, displaying status of the current billing period, current usage total and their target usage total.
  • Helpful energy saving tips and tricks.
  • Usage vs. goal indicators and a prediction of the bill total at the end of the current billing period.

Goals & Targets allows your customers to make smart usage decisions before the end of the billing period.

Analytics & Insights

Insights keeps yours customers informed and engaged with your service, by providing data on:

  • High and low points in usage and payments.
  • Historical usage and payment averages.

Insights provides your customers with interesting and actionable information, allowing them to make smart choices and adopt energy efficient behaviours. Increasing customer engagement whilst increasing your revenues.

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